Nobody's Girl (trixie_killmore) wrote in saljs,
Nobody's Girl

I'm a Movie Star!

Over the summer I helped a friend with his zombie movie. It was a huge waste of time. For some reason, I am only able to be filmed in slow motion.

The music makes it hard to hear the dialogue, but the basic plot involves two people visiting a gravesite. Peter is your typical asshole friend, and Clair is visiting her cousin's grave. Clair forgets the flowers and has to march down the super fucking steep hill to get them out of the car. Then, suddenly, the trash-digging zombie attacks! Then the fake-head-eating zombie, played by me, walks up in slow-mo as Clair falls down and almost cracks her head on a gravestone. The end.

Jesus Christ.

Clair and I took charge of makeup, though you can't see any of the blood in black and white. Also, that's my car parked at the graveyard for no reason. Fake head donated by groupies.

Slow motion makes me look jiggly. I don't enjoy it.

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